Watch the view demonstration of creating actions in tabular model using BIDS helper. In the demo I have created 3 types of Actions – Drillthrough, Url and Report.

As discussed last time, Tabular model does not support actions out of the box and since this is one of the sought after functionality, we can create Actions in Tabular model using BIDH helper.

This a 2 part series. In first part we will see how to create simple actions like Drill-through, URL and Reports. In part 2, we will enrich the actions created in part 1 with Conditions and caption MDX.

For the simplicity of understanding, please refer to the example of dimension, hierarchy to select target type while creating actions.

Dimension Name: Product          Hierarchy Name: Product Hierarchy
Level 1: Category             Level 2: Subcategory      Level 3: Name

Product Dimension

Since not much documentation is provided by the team of BIDHHelper following is the list of actions and supported target type that works for me J.

Action Type Target Comment
DrillThrough Cell All the measures of the selected measure group/table will have that action. You can manually delete the code from BIM file if you don’t want the action on particular measure; but be cautious.  If you choose Cells as a target type, you can type an expression in Condition to restrict the cells with which the action is associated.
URL or Other Standard Actions AttributeMembers Use this to select an attribute member of a dimensions but cannot select a hierarchy or hierarchy level. For example “[Product].[Color], [Product].[Product Category]”
URL or Other Standard Actions LevelMembers Or Level Use this to select the level of a hierarchy.  For example “[Product].[Product Hierarchy].[Category]”. Please Ignore [Measures].[MeasuresLevel]
URL or Other Standard Actions HiearchyMembers Or Hiearchy Same as AttributeMembers. The difference between AttributeMembers and this is that you can also select the entire Hierarchy here. For example “[Product].[Product Hierarchy]”
URL or Other Standard Actions DimensionMembers Use this to select the entire Dimension. For example “[Product], [Customer]”
Report Cube Use this to select the report action on entire cube. In case of parameter, “All” member value will be passed.
Report Attribute, Level, Hierarchy, Dimension and its Members Use this to select the appropriate target as explained above for URL. In case of parameter, the member value will be passes as per the context (see the Demo).

You can get a details of other supported Standard actions (DataSet, Rowset, Statement, Proprietary etc.) from here.  Other standard actions are not included in the demo as they are not used so often and are for more advanced users who want to dive deep into it.  If you are still keen you can start with rowset actions and have stored procedure call like explained here  or here (Analysis Service Stored Procedure Project on codeplex).

Stay tuned for Part 2.

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