Last year I had the opportunity to meet Dan Linstedt, the godfather of Data Vault. Along with Ralph Kimball and Bill Inmon, these 3 innovators represent the father, son and holy spirit of organizing data in the Enterprise.

BICG have their very own Certified Data Vault 2.0 Practitioner, and are currently implementing several Data Vaults for our customers.   Data Vault specialists are like Jedi… scattered throughout the galaxy, skilled in the art of modelling data in a scale-able approach that is neither star schema nor third normal form. Data Vault is currently gaining a lot of momentum, and the Data Vault Jedi are gathering forces to build modern data warehouses to address the increasing demands of modern data.

Increasing Data Volumes, Data Variety, Trustworthiness of Data and Real Time hunger are all contributors to the popularity of Data Vault – but remember, Data Vault doesn’t replace datamarts/star schemas… nor does it replace Hadoop.   It provides a rock solid Data Warehouse approach that makes a lot of sense for modern data architecture.

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