BCE through the staff of the Brisbane Catholic Education Centre has five main areas of responsibility, namely, catechetics, education, administration and management, leadership, and accountability. For effective functioning of these areas of responsibility, it needed a comprehensive Business Intelligence solution.

BICG is developing a solution by utilizing the following technologies:
– Integration Services
– Reporting Services
– Analysis Services (Class and Tabular Modelling)
– Javascript/Client development

RJ: When did the BCE project start?
CH: In 2013.
RJ: And now in 2015, it is still going on?
CH: Yes.
RJ: Who are the other BICG team members working on this project?
CH: Peter and myself.
RJ: What is your role in it?
CH: As a Business Intelligence consultant.
RJ: What is the objective of this BCE project?
CH: To provide BI solutions and support for BCE.
RJ: What technologies did you use for the Business Intelligence solutions so far provided?
CH: Software was developed using Integration Services, Reporting Services, Analysis Services of Class and Tabular Modelling, ASP.Net MVC, and Javascript/Client development.
RJ: The project is still going on and solutions are being developed, however, what were the benefits of the solutions so far provided?
CH: Well, the solutions provide school and teaching staff with up-to-date and informative BI visualisations. This enables them to take informed decisions and provide better outcomes to students.
RJ: Once the project is complete, I am sure the benefits will be much greater. We will resume our interview later upon the completion of the project. As of now, let us end here. Thank you so much Carl, for sharing your thoughts and your time.
CH: Thank you Rajen.

Due to the expertise of the BICG Team, BCE is benefited with up-to-date and informative Business Intelligence visualizations, helping the BCE staff to take informed decisions towards providing better outcomes for their students. The project is still going on, and it is expected that more benefits shall accrue upon the completion of the project.

For images, technical drawings and further information:
1. Carl Herbert (carl@bicg.com.au)
2. Brisbane Catholic Education (http://www.bne.catholic.edu.au/Pages/default.aspx)

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