National Dental Care (NDC) is Australia’s fastest growing dental practice group. BICG is engaged to develop a full Business Intelligence system to cater for the group’s 40 dental practices (and growing) nationally. The BICG team comprises of Carl Herbert and Peter O’Gorman. In an interview, Carl Herbert discusses with Rajen Jani about the ongoing project.

NDC is an Australian dental group that specializes in providing excellent patient care, ranging from general dentistry to full mouth reconstructions, as well as cosmetic dentistry. It also provides training programs for dentists and support staff. NDC needed to develop a full BUsiness Intelligence System that would cater to its ever-expanding group’s dental practices.

BICG is developing a solution by utilizing the following technologies:
– Integration with management, financial and web systems.
– SSAS (tabular)
– Jquery, Bootstrap and Entity Framework

RJ: Welcome Carl. This NDC project is ongoing?
CH: Yes. It had begun in 2014 and is ongoing.
RJ: Who are the BICG team members?
CH: Peter and myself. Peter is developing custom models and reports. I am the Lead Web/App Developer.
RJ: What does this NDC project aim to achieve?
CH: NDC is Australia’s fastest growing dental practice group. BICG is engaged to develop a full Business Intelligence system to cater for the group’s 40 dental practices nationally. The number of dental practices is growing.
RJ: So you need to update the solution frequently?
CH: Yes, updating is required, however the solution is designed to scale with growth, which makes updating very easy.
RJ: Since the project is still ongoing, I will not ask many questions, but could you say few words about the solution being offered?
CH: The completed solution integrates with several different practice management systems, financial systems and custom build web applications. BICG built a full data warehouse using SQL, SSIS, SSAS (tabular), SSRS and several custom built ASP.Net MVC Web Applications. The Web Applications used the latest web technologies including Jquery, Bootstrap and Entity Framework.
RJ: And since the solution is also designed to effectively scale with growth, it also has other benefits.
CH: Yes, it enables the management to instantly view how the business is tracking, as well as enabling Compliance Managers and Regional Managers to ensure that the branches perform their dentistry to best practice rules. It also enables the finance department to calculate commissions for dentists, using data from finance and practice management systems based on complex rules.
RJ: With the expertise of such an accomplished team, I am sure the solution must be providing many other benefits also.
CH: Thank you for your compliment Rajen. Yes, the solution offers other benefits also. The Clinical Reports benefit the Chief Clinician by pinpointing best practice exceptions. The Report Subscriptions and Management Dashboard help the CEO. The compliance Manager can ensure documentation is up-to-date with the POD System. The Commission system calculates the commissions and generates a report, saving many hours per month. The EOD Till Reconciliation helps save a day’s work per month.
RJ: I wish I could extend this interview, but as the project is still ongoing, let us end our interview here and we may resume again once the project is completed. Thank you Carl for your precious time.
CH: Thank you Rajen.

The BICG Team is working towards providing a highly benefical solution. The project is ongoing and some of the benefits already reaped by NCD are as follows:
– Clinical Reports. The Chief Clinician can pinpoint best practice exceptions
– Management Dashboards and Report Subscriptions help the CEO.
– POD system. The Compliance manager can ensure documentation was up-to-date.
– Commissions system. All Commissions are accurately calculated and reported, saving many hours per month.
– EOD Till reconciliation. This saves 1 day’s work per month.

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