Westfield, an international business spread across Australia and USA,  make important timely decisions every day in the leasing workflow business.    Decisions sometimes only need one minute answers to random one-off questions, however the lead time to develop data models was far too long. BICG with Dimension Data along with Business Subject Matter Experts, Business Managers, Oracle and SQL Server Developers provided an effective solution designed around people and process, allowing one minute questions to be answered about any stage in the leasing workflow.  In an interview, Peter O’Gorman discusses with Rajen Jani about the quick wins that can be enabled with a dual purpose information architecture.

Westfield, (Australia and USA) needed an agile data solution that provided enhanced insights to what was happening in the leasing workflow business.

The solution provided a model, an approach and methodology that transformed data around key stages in the leasing workflow.

RJ: Welcome Peter.

RJ: What was the aim of this project?
PO’G: To allow business users to monitor the high level critical stages in the leasing workflow business.

RJ: Were there any other team members?
PO’G: Along with myself, there were Business Subject Matter Experts, Business Managers, Oracle and SQL Server Developers.
RJ: What actions were taken to achieve the project objectives?
PO’G: We looked at the problem from a business perspective.   We identified the key performance indicators involved in managing the success of the leasing workflow, and provided an approach, methodology and design for tracking workflow performance.  We provided a dual purpose information architecture, an approach that facilitates both business data discovery and enterprise performance reporting.
RJ: What were the challenges faced during the achievement of the project objectives?
PO’G: Data Warehousing needed detailed requirements before resources and investment could be planned. But the business couldn’t clearly articulate their requirements until they explored the data, and had a chance to refine their requirements using iterations of problem solving.
RJ: Were there any memorable incidents/events/solutions?
PO’G: Turning the problem into a people and process oriented design as opposed to a technology driven design.
RJ: Thank you Peter for giving your valuable time. It was a pleasure to interview you.
PO’G: Thank you Rajen.

Westfield, fast tracked business benefits by utilising BICG’s experience in delivering dual mode information architecture – Corporate KPI reporting together with data discovery and self service.

For images, technical drawings and further information:
Peter O’Gorman (peter@bicg.com.au)

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