Peracon, a company founded in 1999, offers real estate business intelligence. It has teams in leading cities of the world and has affiliated partnerships globally. Peracon awarded BICG a business intelligence project, which is going on. The BICG team comprises of Carl Herbert, Cody Middlebrook and Peter O’Gorman. Carl is the Lead Developer, Cody is looking after Data Migrations and Peter is involved in developing Dashboard Visualizations. In an interview, Carl Herbert discusses with Rajen Jani about the ongoing project.

Peracon has a successful and a proven track record of hosting more than $400 billion USD of real estate assets. It was also selected as the asset management solution for the management of Lehman Brother’s Estate. Peracon wanted to develop an online custom-made dashboard having custom-made features for its clients and BICG is working towards offering the same.

BICG is developing a solution by utilizing the following technologies:
– SQL Server
– Net MVC
– DevExpress MVC
– Word, Excel and PDF

RJ: Welcome Carl. BICG is working on a Peracon project and it is still ongoing?
CH: Yes. It started in 2014 and is going on now in 2015.
RJ: Who are the other team members of the BICG Team working on this project?
CH: Cody, Peter and myself. Cody is performing data migrations, Peter is developing dashboard visualizations and I am the lead developer.
RJ: What is the objective of this Peracon project?
CH: To develop an online property investment portfolio management subscription based dashboard for investment banks, property managers and wealthy investors.
RJ: This project is still ongoing; however, could you say something about the solution being offered?
CH: We are working on SQL Server backend with ASP.Net MVC frontend, using DevExpress MVC components, and various Word, Excel and PDF conversion and generating tools.
RJ: How would this solution benefit Peracon?
CH: By using this solution, subscribers can maintain their portfolio online whilst comparing their performance with other benchmarked like portfolios.
RJ: Well, we will talk more about this project once it is completed. As of now, let us end here. Thank you very much Carl for giving your valuable time.
CH: Thank you Rajen.

The BICG Team is working towards providing an effective solution. Once completed, the subscribers of Peracon will benefit by having the facility of online portfolio management and also compare it with other benchmarked portfolios.

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