Designing and developing a Child Protection system for the State of Queensland.

During the one year 2006-2007, the Child Protection department of the State of Queensland desired to develop a Child Protection System. As a Business Intelligence Solution Architect and Build Engineer, Cody Middlebrook worked alongside Microsoft and the Queensland Government.

Cody Middlebrook was the Lead Architect for the BI and the Build technologies. He was also the lead developer throughout the solution. His contribution involved programming the following:

* Reporting Services 2005. This was used as the main users reporting tool for developing over 150 reports from basic aggregated results to complex financial reports.
* C#.NET, ASP.NET. The technology .NET was used to develop customised report viewer controls using C# and the Reporting Services API.
* Wrote custom assemblies for reporting services, SQL Server 2005, Web Services, NUnit and custom Build Tasks.
* SQL Server 2005 CLR and COM+. Custom assemblies were developed for SQL Server that exposed Visual Source Safe’s 2005 historic content as a dataset. This created a Gateway between the two systems and allowed Source Safe to be queried directly from SQL Server. This was a great solution to query Source Safes labels so that they could be check against the dependencies tables. This allowed the Testing team via Reporting Services to see what reports are dependent on the releases changes.
* Data Warehouse and Data Transformation. Designed the Warehouse Star and Snow Flake Schemas.

A very complex and yet a very efficient Child Protection System was designed, developed and deployed. The State of Queensland found the solution to be very effective.

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