If you are early adopter of SSRS 2016 and is excited to create Mobile Reports against your Tabular Model or want to migrate from DataZen to Reporting Service 2016 Mobile Reports, you will struggle to find any documentation on how to create DAX query based DataSet.

Create Connection

So like all things that looks obvious, you will create a Analysis Service connection pointing to your Tabular Cube.
Something like this:
Report Connection

But when you try to create the Dataset using the Datasource, all it will create a MDX query. There is no setting or option to switch to DAX from MDX. Quite frustrating.

To solve the issue, now go back to your DataSource, and change your connection type to “OLE DB” and append “Provider=MSOLAP;” to the connection string.

Like shown below:
DAX Connection

Now try creating the DataSet again using the Data source, you can paste your DAX query (No Intelligence or Cube browser yet). You can also execute the query to verify if it is working properly.

Parameters not suppported

Now another important point especially for developers who have been using DataZen. The “OLE DB” Connection type does not support query parameter. So if you create a DAX query that will have “@ParameterName” it will going to throw exception “OLE DB Connections do not support named parameters. Please remove any named paramter in your query.” like below.


This is little weird, because DataZen used to support parameters in DAX query.

Anyway, there is no solution for this yet. So if you are going to use the query in Mobile Report, return all the data without query parameters and filter it from within the reports.

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