Recently I received an email from Microsoft – “Your OneDrive is Full… You’ve run out of space on OneDrive and can no longer add new files or add to existing files.  Your OneDrive files will also no longer stay in sync on your computers”.  Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.  Getting the picture ?   I felt ripped off.

Whilst storage is supposed to be getting cheaper, Microsoft cut the free allowance to 5Gb, leaving you with options to pay more every month, cull your drive or try another provider.  Before you consider other options, in fairness, an apples with apples Power BI comparison shows OneDrive is still quite competitive compared to Google and Dropbox for 1Tb of space in this Chow-Down.  Even better, Office 365 bundles like “Home” come with Office 365 accounts plus 1Tb of storage per month for 5 users for less than $120 AU per year.

Here we see in a Power BI Visual Mash Up that whilst the 5Gb free allowance is an average offering compared to competitors, the total annual cost of a paid 1Tb option fares quite well compared to Google and Dropbox offerings (in approximate Australian Dollars).



There are however lots of differences between the offerings to consider, not just price and storage size, and for some users, FREE is the only consideration.   Things like rollback options, business vs personal plans,  bundles, snapshot recovery options, cross platform fitness for purpose and different granularity of security to consider – so be sure to check out the fine print for each option before you make your decision. More details of the Office 365 “Home” bundle are here.

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