Watch the video demonstration of creating simple Power View report using Power Pivot model.

Power View is a very easy to use dashboarding tool that is part of Excel 2013. Using power view, business users can leverage self-service business intelligence.

Power View is generally used to create pretty looking charts and graph. Following types of charts are supported in Power View

  1. Pie charts
  2. Scatter and bubble charts
  3. Line, bar and column charts
  4. Maps
  5. Multiple charts (set of charts)
  6. Cards
  7. Tiles
  8. Table

Note: – Power View require Silverlight to be installed on client machine.

Power View Vs SQL Server Reporting Service Reports

  1. Customization: Though power view charts looks pretty cool and easy, it lacks high end customization for advanced user and sometimes can be frustrating if you are looking for more than simple charts.
  2. Silverlight: Power View require Silverlight to be installed on client machine.
  3. Report Sharing: If you want to make your reports available to the broader audience without sharing the entire excel workbook containing Power Pivot Model, you need SharePoint for that which is a huge cost.
  4. Subscription: There is no way you can schedule the power report execution and delivery like SSRS
  5. Extensibility: SSRS allows code customization and extension which power view does not support

Why should I use Power View?

As a self-service component, it’s simple, quick, and graphically very impressive. Business users do not want lots of advanced features that adds the complexity of a simple tool. It can use Tabular, OLAP and Power Pivot model as data source.  Apart from that it supports multiple view of a report that can be printed. Export of Power View report to Power Point is a added feature.

My Wish List

I have been using all kinds of reporting tool and platform for so many years and I found few features of power view really cool like maps, bubble charts, splitting the report on vertical and horizontal axis. But I wish Power View to be in HTML 5 instead of Silverlight and mobile/tablet friendly (think IPAD). And for this reason, Power View lacks behind from its competitor like Tableau.

Let me know if you like the quick sample report created in Video and if you are able to follow it. Stay tuned for more stuff !

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