Creating Calculations

Now that you have a solid understanding of creating some basic PowerView dashboards. You are ready to extend the model with custom calculations. In this next demonstration, I will introduces the Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) language and explains how to create calculated columns within PowerView

What is DAX?

DAX is a formula language used to create calculated columns and measures in the Power Pivot model. It is a new language developed specifically for the tabular data model Power Pivot is based on. For those that are familiar with SQL Analysis Tabular model, will be very comfortable with PowerPivot as this is essentially the same technology. If you are familiar with Excel’s formula syntax, you will find that the DAX syntax is very familiar as well. In fact some of the DAX

Calculations are the heart and soul of the dashboard. Calculations (the data) must be developed correctly or users of the dashboard will quickly point that out to you.

I will now demonstrate how to add Calculations to your in PowerView dashboards

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