Database Management and Optimisation Services

Peace of Mind and Optimal Performance

Ensure your SQL Server databases are in the best of health and performing at optimal levels to keep your business the competitive advantage that sets you apart from the others. Database SQL Management services from BICG enables your business with the best of breed round the clock support and business continuity for the most business-critical and complex applications. Being a managed service, enterprises can save time and costs on recruiting, training and retaining staff while still ensuring continuity and business uptime. Our support has ultimate flexibility and brings decades of experience managing small and large Microsoft SQL server databases.

Managed Service

BICG offer you managed services that give you confidence that every minute, of every day or night, and every day of the year, your business systems are running at their best, with assurance of your closely monitored and optimised databases.

We offer three exciting managed services:


Good for companies who have no in house skilled staff yet want a good night sleep knowing your databases are monitored, optimised and responded to in a fully managed database service.


For companies that require assistance with day-to-day database activities, but require the flexibility of utilising our highly skilled resources to respond to high value business facing growth projects.


Tailored for companies who already have their own skilled staff, but want peace of mind of protection and use of our alert portal with access to a team of database experts for overflow or annual leave coverage.

SQL Services Secured Online Portal

Professional Services

Get the right architectural advice to ensure that SQL Server requirements are considered at the beginning of any project is to ensure the database environments are properly specified for failover and correctly configured for optimal performance.

The underlying database is the foundation upon which many critical business systems are built so whether you are considering implementing a new business application, upgrading your existing ones or considering a move to the cloud, talk to us about how we can assist you with pre-project professional services.

Ensuring that your Microsoft SQL Server environment is secure, recoverable and optimized to support the business applications that are critical to your business.

Talk to us today about our Managed Services and how we can provide you with peace of mind.