National Dental Care ENGAGEMENT

National Dental Care turned to BICG to provide superior business performance capabilities based on word of mouth recommendations of BICG’s experience and delivery methodology.  National Dental Care’s CEO and Management team required a solution to drive business performance of the company’s growing 30+ practice network Australia wide.   Core systems contained the critical measurements necessary to drive an intelligent business performance solution however accessing this data took too long, was too cumbersome and became too expensive.  National Dental Care required its business critical KPIs to be extracted quickly and efficiently from a variety of source systems.   The company required a dynamic, flexible and fast self service analytical solution to visualise business KPIs and drive business performance in a phase of rapid corporate growth.    A rapid deployment methodology on the company’s private cloud was required within months of the start of the engagement.


Business critical KPIs, previously too expensive, difficult to access and taking far too long were automated seamlessly with BICG developed data extraction routines integrating data from Sybase, cloud, SQL Server and flat file data sources.   BICG developed high performance and flexible Microsoft Analysis Services Tabular cubes to visualise corporate KPIs with Microsoft Reporting Services dashboards.  BICG’s rapid development methodology allowed the complex requirements of a national dental corporation to be designed, developed and deployed to the Company’s private cloud within months of engagement.   National Dental Care also turned to BICG for it’s rapid .Net application development capabilities providing additional savings and efficiencies to drive internal operations.  For the CEO and management team, driving the company’s 30+ national practice network within months of engaging BICG was critical to the success that makes National Dental Care the fastest growing corporate Dental Care in Australia.

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