As Microsoft continues to harmonise offerings across cloud and On-Premise, we will see alignment of technologies and tools across all parts of the BI platform – for now however Power BI is cloud (not fully On-Premise) and Reporting Services is On-Premise with the ability to jump onto the cloud bandwagon with Power BI integration.

Right now, as at SQL 2016 RTM, Reporting Services and Reporting Services mobile reports can deliver On-Premise or Cloud (via Power BI Integration).  What isn’t available yet is an On-Premise solution for self-service BI using Power BI. Power View was a first step in 2012, but Microsoft want to provide a solution that works across modern browsers and mobile devices, doesn’t require Silverlight and doesn’t necessarily require SharePoint.

About that “on-premises solution for self-service BI:” Microsoft plans to enable you to publish a Power BI Desktop report to an On-Premise report server and view it in a browser. With SSRS 2016, you can already do the first part: upload Power BI reports (PBIX files) to Reporting Services, manage permissions (who can see/download them, who can update/delete them, etc.), and individual users can Favourite them – a nicer alternative to a network share for these files. Currently, clicking a PBIX file does’t open it in the browser, so it downloads as a file, then opens in Power BI Desktop.


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So the good news too is Microsoft is listening like never before.  Like the Batman symbol to be part of the Power BI logo ?  Power BI to run on a Mac ?  Import Tableau TDE extracts ?  You name it – log your request here…

Also check here for a full list of Power BI user Groups…

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