This week, the Reporting Services (SSRS) Technical Preview gets released for download.   Not only does this allow you to embed Power BI Reports inside a Reporting Services Native Mode Report Server, but you can embed them inside SharePoint 2016 web part pages too.  And this goes for Reporting Services Mobile Reports and Power BI Reports alike.

Out of the box, the first thing that jumps out (default SharePoint installation) is the need for a decent skin, but otherwise, the SSRS Mobile Reports frame nicely into SharePoint 2016 web part pages.


Likewise, it is awesome to see Power BI reports sitting inside SharePoint 2016 web part pages.  Of course, now will come the barrage of questions, like how can you drive parameters across different content types, can I print, and does row level security work ??? But for now, lets breathe a sigh of relief that Power BI On-Premise is looking good. Here a Power BI Report sits nicely in the Reporting Services Native mode Report Manager…


Here, an interactive Power BI report sits nicely in a SharePoint 2016 page.   No Reporting Services Add-in, nor Reporting Services Integrated mode component were required to be installed on SharePoint 2016.



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