Interactive reports are built with Power BI Desktop or Power BI Cloud. Power BI Desktop is a trendy visual data discovery application with eye popping visualisation candy, and coupled with cloud, an unprecedented accessibility for far reaching collaboration.   It generates HTML5-based reports, ensuring compatibility across all modern browsers.  Power BI Cloud is a whisker ahead of Power BI On-Premise, having a few extra features such as Cortana-like Data Insights, Content Packs, better collaboration and Mobile publishing.

Power BI Desktop on it’s own is a B.I. Accelerator tool.  This means it is ideal for rapid prototyping using standard problem solving approaches to innovation, rather than lengthy over-the-fence requirements documents that end up missing the mark.

Once a concept has been created, Power BI Cloud offers Collaboration between departments or even external stakeholders using Microsoft accounts or with synchronisation to your organisation’s own Active Directory.  This allows feedback to be collected in rapid iterations, helps highly visual people who need to see the data before they know what they want, and channels bright ideas, incrementally into the overall design so that there are no ugly surprises on delivery day.

When the concept has been thoroughly circulated and feedback has been incorporated, there are four options :

  • Use the Prototype as is, to allow interactions through the Power BI Cloud
  • Use the impressive Power BI Mobile apps to allow management by exception alerts and dashboards
  • Use the Power BI prototype as a kickstarter for tackling other Microsoft Enterprise Reporting content types
  • Don’t do anything at all.  One of the benefits of Power BI over other reporting tools, is the ability to Fail Early.   Choosing to not pursue the solution isn’t a failure, but rather a fail early, and multiple early iterations of failure allows for early steps in the right direction.  Ask Henry Ford !


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So the good news too is Microsoft is listening like never before.  Like the Batman symbol to be part of the Power BI logo ?  Power BI to run on a Mac ?  Import Tableau TDE extracts ?  You name it – log your request here…

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