SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to date has focused on paginated printable pixel perfect reports and offers class-leading capabilities for that format.  Reporting Services reports really havn’t changed that much since the beginning, but that’s a strength too, with Reporting Services developers enjoying a current skillset for the last 10+ years.   With SQL Server 2016 however, Reporting Services developers need to skill up, as the product has taken a huge leap forward,  adding support for KPIs and mobile reports. The addition of these report types in SSRS is accompanied by an entirely new brand friendly HTML5 compatible web portal allowing users to access both paginated and mobile reports in one centralised location.

Before getting too excited, it needs to be said that whilst this modernised SSRS web experience has the appeal of Power BI, it isn’t exactly entry level, and those with Report Builder skills will find few transferable skills into the new Mobile Report Builder.  Take note:

  • Embedding and sharing of mobile reports isn’t ready in SharePoint on-premise solutions yet, only using page viewer or custom web parts, or in a stand-alone Reporting Services portal.
  • For those organisations that desire a cloud or mobile delivery, Reporting Services reports can be pinned in the cloud via Power BI integration
  • Mobile Reporting Services reports require skills in using a total different development tool (Mobile Report Builder) compared to traditional Reporting Services Reports (Visual Studio or Report Builder)
  • Mobile Reporting Services reports don’t offer Data Alerts, which are offered in SharePoint Integrated Reporting Services
  • Mobile reports don’t offer Unattended subscriptions which is offered in Traditional or SharePoint Integrated Reporting Services
  • It’s relatively easy to develop Mobile Reports but those with Report Builder skills will be at a disadvantage, and you or your I.T. team still need hard core SQL skills to develop datasets in T-SQL language or Stored Procedures.
  • Consuming Reporting Services reports on Mobile devices needs a full run through before you start telling the business about it.


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