This is an era when sales of the iPhone are declining… and the variety, velocity and veracity of data is growing at record rates.   Those of you utilising SharePoint online for your business documents might find it useful to keep tabs on changes to your document libraries.  Alerts are a ray of sunshine !  Firstly they allow you to keep your finger on the pulse to understand how your Document libraries are being utilised.  But most importantly, you are on cusp of something greater – to boost your team’s effectiveness, productivity, and performance.  There are two different ways to achieve Alerts – Using Alerts in SharePoint Online or using Flow, Microsoft Cloud workflow tool :

AlertsSharepointOnline  1. Using native Alerts in SharePoint Online – Go to your Document Library, or a folder in the library, select the Ellipses, and choose “Alert Me”. Alerts are notifications of changes to content on a site that you receive as e-mail messages or text messages to your mobile phone.   To change your Alert Settings simply get to your SharePoint Team Site, go to Page,  and under Alert Me, select Manage My Alerts.  On the My Alerts on This Site page click the name of the alert that you want to manage, and Delete selected Alert or Add a New Alert.

Click OK to finish.



AlertsFlow2. Using Flow – Sign up for Flow, the cloud service to do just about anything.   Create a flow from a template .   Select a SharePoint trigger such as “When a file is created”, then action, like “Send email”.  Flow allows you to create cloud based orchestrations for automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to get notifications, synchronize files, collect data, and more.  Whether it’s a complex multistep process or a simple one-step task, flows work in the background to boost your team’s effectiveness, productivity, and performance.  Get an alert when a file or folder is updated…. Connect your folders to keep your data current…. Collect and organize business data automatically…. Streamline approvals with instant alerts and more… It’s all there and up to you.



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