Watch this video demonstration for how to Toggle Visibility as Expanded in your SSRS Report, BICG Training Channel.

Reporting Services provides some nice options to allow user’s to feel like they are interacting with the data, by expanding lower levels of detail when they click on the plus (+) sign in the report’s tablix.

You can also set the initial Toggle state of report items as expanded i.e. (-) sign. There is a catch though in that when you Show your initial state as expanded, the items may expand correctly but the toggle sign appears reversed (i.e. + instead of -).

First a short recap on setting up Toggle states in your report… set visibility, you first need to create a grouping in your tablix. Design your table with only the detailed rows required initially. Then right click on the detail row in the Row Groups section of the Report, select Add Group, then Parent Group, and select the more summarised attribute you wish to nominate as your drilldown report element. Right click on the new Parent grouping, select Group Properties then select the Visibility tab and check this is set to SHOW.

Now select your Detail Group, select Group Properties, select the Visibility tab, and in the “When the report is initially run” section, select “Show”. Under the “Display can be toggled by this report item” section, place a tick then select the higher level attribute you just setup in the report’s Row Grouping.

This will setup your report to toggle on a selected item, but show the initial view of the report as a list of expanded items.

Now to ensure the toggle sign appears correctly when the report runs as expanded…..Select the toggle item textbox for your Parent Group in the tablix, look at your textbox properties, scroll down until you see the InitialToggleState property and set this to TRUE. Now your report should be displaying the toggle signs corrected (i.e. – sign) when the report is set to run initially as Expanded.


  1. Peter,

    Appreciate you taking 30 minutes or so to document something that would have taken me hours to figure out.


  2. Alicia Meredith-Smith

    Thanks so much. Was struggling with all kinds of voodoo to try to reverse the signs and your solution is so easy!

  3. thanks for valuable post. I want view chart on the toggling item basis, like as EXCEL BI. What is the way to achieve this.

  4. Awesome!! You save my life.

  5. denise prendergast

    Excellent explanation. Our security doesn’t allow youtube, so I had to go by your written text. It was so easy to follow and worked correctly the first time. You’re a genius. Some other explanations out there are very wordy and lengthy and are difficult to follow. Thank you for this article.

  6. Great, working perfectly.

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