Hold your breath…
Make a wish…
Count to three…

Microsoft’s headspace for the next few years is to put the power of data in the hands of every business and person on the planet.   It is the objective to serve over a billion users with the Microsoft business intelligence (BI) platform.  This is great news for Charlie, who has taken the reigns of the Willy Wonka Chocolate Company, however the oompa loompa’s have gathered for this important briefing…


Data is coming at us from every direction. From traditional sources – on-premises enterprise applications and databases. From sources developed over the last decade – websites, mobile applications, social media. Software as a Service business applications like and from sources still emerging – like data from the “Internet of Things.”.

Data is changing…

* Data Volumes are Increasing

* Data Variety is Increasing

* The Veracity of Data is Increasing

* The hunger for real time Data is Increasing

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It’s not just data that is changing.  A new wave of Business Intelligence tools and cloud roadmaps have challenged traditional software development approaches.  Traditional approaches have failed the business, and for years we have heard their voices of frustration :

Access: We need access to the data and I.T. won’t give it to us to make a timely decision.  The moment passes and the opportunity is lost.

Business-I.T. Don’t See Eye to Eye: IT asks what we want and we ask what we can have.  The merry-go-round never ends and we just don’t get the information we need to run our business.

Self Service: We know the data better than I.T. and want to discover and explore etc

Customer: Knowing our customer is a competitive advantage and our competitors are leaping ahead with new wave systems and techniques

Double vision: Two different numbers for the same thing, which one is right ?

Interpretation: A count of customers means 5 different things to 5 different people, which one is right ? Or are they all right in their own way ?

Cut to the Chase: We don’t want to fund a two year project for a throw away question

Maximizing the potential of this new wave of Reporting capability requires an approach that allows Business and I.T. to operate as one harmoniously.   The approach to one’s data also requires a platform that can work with data from On-Premise systems and from the cloud – of any shape, size and arrival velocity, that can deliver insights wherever users may be, and in a form most convenient and accessible; and that offers deployment options that best fit the needs of an organisation, at any point in its journey.

To achieve these requirements, Microsoft is aligning cloud and On-Premise solutions. It is Microsoft’s intent that your reporting technology investments and expertise will transfer across these deployment modalities so you can easily mix and match On-Premises and Cloud components, and benefit from unique hybrid scenarios.  Microsoft are leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, exposing lack of depth and vision in other products like Tableau and Qlik, but right now, On-Premise and Cloud are playing cat and mouse…. Or which way the river’s flowing… Is it raining, is it snowing? Is a hurricane a-blowing??

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