Let the Good Times Flow in SharePoint Online

Flow has been available for some time now as a beta program wthin Office365 offering Cloud orchestrated business workflows.   What does this actually mean to a business user? These workflows offer businesses the opportunity to automate, improve operational efficiency, reduce room for error and encourage repeatable experience by automating […]

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Power View is Dead… So Why Won’t Power BI let it Die ???

Read an official Microsoft Power View page and you will see that “Power View is an interactive data exploration, visualisation, and presentation experience that encourages intuitive ad-hoc reporting”.     Power View reports actually look pretty sweet too… there a bunch of things that Power BI does that Power View doesn’t, but all in all […]

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SharePoint Online – Raise the Bar on Your Team’s Performance – Two Ways to Get Email Notifications when Documents get Added Changed or Deleted

This is an era when sales of the iPhone are declining… and the variety, velocity and veracity of data is growing at record rates.   Those of you utilising SharePoint online for your business documents might find it useful to keep tabs on changes to your document libraries.  Alerts are a ray of sunshine […]

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